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Coffee With SP on May 23rd, 2018 at The Carroll County Chamber Of Commerce.

We are a Video Marketing and Content Creation Agency

Every business needs a video marketing strategy in order to survive.  The goal is to gain the most amount of exposure throughout multiple platforms at a reasonable cost.


Companies used to focus their marketing efforts towards advertising on television.  The problem with that now is that most viewers no longer watch Television live.  They DVR the desired program and watch it at their own leisure which means they will fast forward through the commercials.  So technically money is being wasted on a media platform that doesn’t serve business owners.


We focus on marketing our clients videos to where they will be viewed the most which is social media, websites, smart phones and tablets.  Our goal is to market smarter and faster to get more bang for your buck.

We create high quality video content that’s appealing beautiful and sounds great on mobile devices, smart tv’s and projectors.  Once we are done creating your video content we will then begin the video marketing strategy process.  We will focus on directing your video content toward your targeted audience with the proper call to action.  We also understand that audience engagement is extremely important so our team will engage your potential clients and answer questions they may have.

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