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We are a content creation media company that specializes in creating video and photo content to help you market your products, and/or services on the web, and across social media platforms using digital media.  

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Coffee time with SP was birthed from daily coffee posts that James would share with his Facebook followers.  A simple post of the kind of coffee he was having that morning would spark a conversation among other coffee drinkers.  James and others would discuss how they like their coffee prepared and the various flavors.  Some posts even discussed different coffee brands.  It was at this point James began to think as a content creator asking himself what could he create to tell his story about coffee and his experience.  Days later he went into SP Mode and filmed this entire video by himself including the lighting setup.


Every business should have a website that explains what the business is about, the service that it provides, or the products it sells. The problems that most businesses are facing is the lack of effective and valuable digital marketing content, content that tells a story specific to their brand and lastly, content that is engaging enough to hold the audiences attention for the intended purpose and length of time.

We can solve your problem.  We are content creators.  We will create the perfect content that tells your story through digital media , with your brand, culture and purpose in mind.