Content Creator vs. Videographer

The Content CreatorI am your content creator James Paul. We are officially in SP mode and today I wanted to talk to you guys about the difference between a videographer and a content creator.

So videographers are normally stationed in the back of the room with a tripod and the camera and you know they’ll just hit record and that’s pretty much it, everything is a wide shot, they may pan left and right or tilt up and down just you know to, to keep the right headspace going on. Speaking of headspace notice mine is cut off on purpose because I’m a content creator, I’m creating this video for you guys with my own vision in mind. So I don’t want you know I don’t want that space, but I’m worried about the lighting, whether my lighting is—and how it’s bouncing off of the wall or how is hitting the subject or in this case me or where my microphone is positioned so I can get the best audio. See all of these things play a part in how we’re creating the content for you right.

Then the content creator takes it a bit further. We edit the footage that we’re filming, it’s not that, it’s not, it’s

not all about just filming the subject or the event or whatever is going on, we’re doing that with the editing
process in mind because we have a story to tell whether it be a 30 seconds, whether it be a minute maybe even two, two minutes might be a little too long, but I digress.

Editing, post-production, all of these things play a role in our job as we serve you our clients. So know what

you’re getting credit, you will spend a little bit more money on a content creator but it’s all about marketing. It’s all about creating the right content for your business, for your services, for your event, whatever it is that you want to promote.

So the next time you’re out and you’re shopping or online you’re shopping for the right videographer or the right content creator, know what you want. Do you just want a wide shot of the event or do you want a story
told in a few seconds? Use your money wisely guys. I’m your content creator in SP mode. Y’all take care, peace.