• The Content Creator James SP

Content Creator vs Videographer

The Content CreatorI am your content creator James Paul. We are officially in SP mode and today I wanted to talk to you guys about the difference between a videographer and a content creator.

So videographers are normally stationed in the back of the room […]

  • Content Creator Vlog 3

Content Creator Episode 3

On the Content Creator Vlog Episode 3 James SP takes a trip to visit his daughter to give her a gift.  While driving James SP the Content Creator talks the difference a Videographer and Content Creator.  Yes, there is a huge difference between the two.

  • Content Creator GoPro and SP Mode

Content Creator Episode 2 Capturing Device

On The Content Creator Episode 2 James SP asks the views their opinion on the perfect capturing device for creating vlogs.  As a Content Creator the goal is to be quick and simplify the workflow.

What capturing devices are you guys using?

  • Content Creator | SP Mode

Content Creator | SP Mode | Vlog Tester

I’m thinking about starting a vlog and am trying to figure out what my workflow would be if I did start one.  For example, what will be my in-jesting process?  In other words, how will I get my footage from the recording device to my computer?  Wait, do I want to carry a […]