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Content Creator Episode 2 Capturing Device

On The Content Creator Episode 2 James SP asks the views their opinion on the perfect capturing device for creating vlogs.  As a Content Creator the goal is to be quick and simplify the workflow.

What capturing devices are you guys using?

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Content Creator | SP Mode | Vlog Tester

I’m thinking about starting a vlog and am trying to figure out what my workflow would be if I did start one.  For example, what will be my in-jesting process?  In other words, how will I get my footage from the recording device to my computer?  Wait, do I want to carry a laptop around? […]

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Coffee with SP

Coffee With SP
On this episode of coffee with sp we stopped by Century 21 Novus Realty in Carrollton Georgia since we heard that they built a functioning coffee bar in their new facility for the true coffee lovers. We discovered that on that particular morning the crew decided to play a joke on one of […]

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The NBA has always been perceived to be a professional basketball league for youngsters.  If you’re 30 years old with dreams of playing in the NBA hang it up is what most will say.  Well, I guess they haven’t heard of Keimon Thompson known as ALL BALL BIZ.  In high school he dominated the game and […]

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SP Mode the Show – BabyGirl Blues

So I run into a friend who tells me about a project she’s working and shows me a sneak peak of the first episode. After viewing it I knew I wanted to go behind the scenes of this new comedy web series and capture what nobody most likely would ever see. I went into SP […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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