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Content Creator vs Videographer

The Content CreatorI am your content creator James Paul. We are officially in SP mode and today I wanted to talk to you guys about the difference between a videographer and a content creator.

So videographers are normally stationed in the back of the room […]

Content Creator Episode 3

On the Content Creator Vlog Episode 3 James SP takes a trip to visit his daughter to give her a gift.  While driving James SP the Content Creator talks the difference a Videographer and Content Creator.  Yes, there is a huge difference between the two.

  • Content Creator GoPro and SP Mode

Content Creator Episode 2 Capturing Device

On The Content Creator Episode 2 James SP asks the views their opinion on the perfect capturing device for creating vlogs.  As a Content Creator the goal is to be quick and simplify the workflow.

What capturing devices are you guys using?

  • Content Creator | SP Mode

Content Creator | SP Mode | Vlog Tester

I’m thinking about starting a vlog and am trying to figure out what my workflow would be if I did start one.  For example, what will be my in-jesting process?  In other words, how will I get my footage from the recording device to my computer?  Wait, do I want to carry a […]

  • Episode 1 Coffee with SP

Coffee with SP

Coffee With SP
On this episode of coffee with sp we stopped by Century 21 Novus Realty in Carrollton Georgia since we heard that they built a functioning coffee bar in their new facility for the true coffee lovers. We discovered that on that particular morning the crew decided to play a joke on […]


The NBA has always been perceived to be a professional basketball league for youngsters.  If you’re 30 years old with dreams of playing in the NBA hang it up is what most will say.  Well, I guess they haven’t heard of Keimon Thompson known as ALL BALL BIZ.  In high school he […]

  • SP Mode BabyGirl Blues

SP Mode the Show – BabyGirl Blues

So I run into a friend who tells me about a project she’s working and shows me a sneak peak of the first episode. After viewing it I knew I wanted to go behind the scenes of this new comedy web series and capture what nobody most likely would ever see. I went into SP […]

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